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LuEsther Hall

July 2 - August 11, 2019

New York Premiere

Written by Luis Alfaro
Directed by Chay Yew

MacArthur Genius Award-winning playwright Luis Alfaro returns with the New York premiere of his stirring drama about love, immigration, and sacrifice, inspired by the Ancient Greek story of Medea. Helmed by Chay Yew (Oedipus El Rey), this play masterfully combines ancient storytelling with the most pressing issues facing our country today, following a young Mexican mother who gives up everything to bring her son to America, only to find America demands even more.

Alfaro’s OEDIPUS EL REY, produced last season in collaboration with the Sol Project, was hailed by The New York Times as a “dynamic reminder that we are living in a political moment when stories matter.”

With great poetry, humor, and heart, MOJADA is a bold new telling of a story as old as tragedy itself.

MOJADA is made possible by David Frederick & Sophia Lynn.

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Season 2018-2019


Luis Alfaro includes el Guaco as a striking and powerful symbol in his play Mojada. Guaco plants have the reputation of having curative powers. It was named after the Guaco (bird) or the Laughing Falcon. This bird of prey’s diet mostly consists of snakes, even venomous ones. If it is bitten, it seeks out the Guaco plant, eats the leaves, and spreads the juices onto its wounds. What a smart, brave, vicious, little beauty. 

5 June

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Background Image Photo Credit: Joseph Augstein

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