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Public Square - A Podcast of The Public Theater

Public Square - A Podcast of The Public Theater

Season 2 PROMO

Public Square 2.0: "Welcome Home"

Join us for Public Square 2.0, the re-launch of The Public Theater’s Podcast, “Public Square.” For our second season, Host Garlia Cornelia Jones, The Public’s new and first ever Director of Innovation and New Media, will continue to guide you through a behind the scenes look as we connect with artists and staff.  Welcome home, to Public Square—we can’t wait to have you back!  Stay Tuned for Episodes, wherever you find your podcasts.



Public Square is our podcast, sharing stories of the work that happens on and off our stages and the people who make it possible. 

Hosted by Reynaldi Lindner Lolong and Fernando Masterson
Original concept by Drew Broussard and Reynaldi Lindner Lolong

Music by Michael Friedman

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Episode 12

From open air to on the air - RICHARD II comes to the radio courtesy of WNYC!  Multi-hyphenate artist Alec Stephens III sits down with RICHARD II director Saheem Ali and scholar Ayanna Thompson to interrogate the relevance of Shakespeare work amidst a pandemic and the surge of the Black Lives Matter movement, and why shifting from a stage production to a radio play may be the future for audience accessibility. 

Listen to the Free Shakespeare on the Radio production of RICHARD II

Read a transcript of this episode.


Episode 11

"Take Up Space"

May is Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month, so we sat down with Francis JueKendyl Ito, and Jaygee Macapugay to reflect on their experiences in Soft PowerWild Goose Dreams, and what it means to be an artist in a time that is uniquely difficult for theater, and especially for Asian Americans. We also talk about representation, creating new work, and some unexpected dream roles for the future. 


Episode 10

"A Love Story"

In this episode, we sit down with Pentagram partner and world-renowned designer Paula Scher to dive into her 25+ year long love affair with The Public and hurdles that identity designers must face in an ever changing landscape.

Read a transcript of this episode. This transcript also contains links to visual elements verbally referenced throughout the conversation.

Episode 9

"What Keeps You Up At Night"

In this episode, we chat with Company Dramaturg Jesse Cameron Alick and Director of New Artists Jack Phillips Moore about what it means to develop new work for the theater, their advice for aspiring artists, and why dramaturgy, like love, is an action.

Read a transcript of this episode.

Episode 8

"Connection, Community, and Conversation"


Bryan Joseph Lee, head of Public Forum, talks to us about what it means to create a space for community and conversation, and also shares some exciting news about how Forum is taking a page from the Mobile Unit book and hitting the road to raise awareness for the 2020 census. We debrief a little about Under The Radar, and Props Master Jay Duckworth explains why the best thing about creating props isn't the object, but the journey along the way. 

Read a transcript of this episode. 

Episode 7

"Dancing With The Play"

This month we're putting the spotlight on roles that happen behind the scenes to make the work possible. Stage Managers Alyssa K. Howard (For Colored Girls...) and Buzz Cohen (A Bright Room Called Day) tell us why being a stage manager is like "dancing with the play", and Operations Associate Mariana Ortiz shares the connection between facilities, operations, and the artistic process.

Read a transcript of this episode.

Episode 6

"Grit and Edge"

It's November, which means it's time to announce the 16th annual Under The Radar Festival! We sit down with Under The Radar Artistic Director Mark Russell to talk about what it means to curate a festival of experimental, innovative, and international theater. We also share a song by Joe's Pub fave and UTR artist Rizo, and we ponder the idea of Sondheim as web developer when we speak to Christyn Budzyna

Read a transcript of this episode.

Episode 5

"Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Democracy"

David Henry Hwang and Jeanine Tesori join us to discuss all things SOFT POWER: from its unique structure and unexpectedly timely genesis, to what the show means for Asian narratives in musical theater. We'll also flashback to some prescient words about art and activism, courtesy of Lisa Kron, and learn from Liza Witmer what it means to be a Company Manager at The Public. 

Read a transcript of this episode.

Episode 4

"A Safe Space, A Dangerous Space"

In 1998, Joe's Pub opened as part of The Public Theater, and quickly become a fixture of the downtown live performance scene. We sat down with Director of Joe's Pub Alex Knowlton and Programming Manager Isabel Kim to learn what it takes to curate 800 performances a year, and also learn about the Pub's deep commitment to the artistic community. We'll also take a trip to The Library and learn how some of our favorite Pub libations are made, and share an early-career review of an artist who made her U.S. debut at Joe's Pub. 

Read a transcript of this episode. 

Episode 3

"Raccoons Are Very Intelligent Creatures"

Summer in New York means Free Shakespeare in the Park, The Public's founding tradition. We spoke with production managers Cristina Ayon-Viesca, Caity Joy Smith, and Barry Stagg, who gave us all the scoop about what it takes to make theater outside in the summer, how to handle visits by raccoons and rain, and what makes the Delacorte special. Plus: some important Central Park history and a visit to The Line on the last weekend of this summer's Much Ado About Nothing.

Read a transcript of this episode. 

Episode 2

"Make Your Own Party"

June is Pride Month and, this year, World Pride is landing in New York City. To celebrate, this episode is all about The Public's rich history of queer artistry -- featuring a sneak peek at a new song from Jomama Jones; an intergenerational conversation between Reynaldi, Heidi Griffiths (Director of Casting), and Ryan J. Haddad (writer/playwright and alum of the Emerging Writers Group); a chance to 'Meet the Public' with Marketing Manager Fernando Masterson; an incendiary response to controversy around a production of Larry Kramer's The Normal Heart; and more!

Read a transcript of this episode.

Episode 1

"The Radical Idea"

In 1954, Joseph Papp founded the New York Shakespeare Festival with touring productions of Shakespeare, presented for free to the people of New York City. 65 years later, The Public Theater is still touring Shakespeare with our Mobile Unit to the five boroughs and beyond. This episode is all about the Mobile Unit (and more), featuring a covnersation with Roxanna Barrios (Associate Director of the Mobile Unit) and Laurie Woolery (director of Mobile Unit's The Tempest), an excerpt of Michael Thurber's music from a past Mobile Unit production, a chance to 'Meet The Public' with Assistant General Manager Alyssa Simmons, and more!

Read a transcript of this episode.