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wrack zone


Shiva Theater
January 14 & January 18, 2024
wrack zone
Created by Eli Nixon and friends

wrack zone is an indoor coastal naturedrag pageant, clown show, and DIY effort to unsettle time. Starring an iron-age bog body, Hulk Hogan’s ghost, Pangea-in-process, and at least one massive flock of endangered shore birds, this puny human play reckons with five billion years of the moon. Amidst 450 million years of horseshoe crabs, the tide(x2), SPF 50, and an egg salad sandwich in the sun. wrack zone messes with intertidal space/time and invites audiences into low-stakes collaboration through drawing prompts, snack eating and fabric handling. Bask in cardboard anthropomorphism and poetic semaphore. Join us to be overtaken.  

Shiva Theater
January 14 & January 18, 2024


This production is sold out. Please check back as additional tickets may become available at a later date.
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This production is sold out. Please check back as additional tickets may become available at a later date.

SUN 01/14 7:30 PM

THU 01/18 9:30 PM


Tickets are $20
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Image of Eli Nixon

Eli Nixon

Eli Nixon (they/them) builds portals and gives guided tours to places that don’t yet exist, or exist but call for creative intervention. They are a settler-descended transqueer clown, a cardboard constructionist, and a maker of plays, puppets, pageants, parades, suitcase theaters, and low-tech public spectaculah. Nixon collaborates with artists, activists, schools, mental health and recovery centers, libraries, and the more-than-human world to expand imaginative capacity and build muscles for collective liberation. They are an enthusiast and practitioner of naturedrag, amateur flag dancing, and DIY festoonery. Nixon is proposing a new holiday in homage to horseshoe crabs. Their illustrated manual for celebrating the holiday, Bloodtide, is available through The 3rd Thing Press. Nixon is a member of the New Georges’ Jam and brotherdykes unlimited, an organizer with Showing Up for Racial Justice–R.I., and a parent of a teenager, among other contained multitudes. elinixon.com